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3 January 2022 by admin

How is the market doing? What guarantees do you give me?
Despite the pandemic, the hospitality sector is clearly recovering after the arrival of vaccines and it will soon be possible to return to travel safely. The number of properties on the market is lower than in 2019, but the crisis has led unorganized companies to close the business, thus bringing out those flexible structures, organized and suitable for managing the post-lockdown period, diversifying the offer to new targets (e.g. smart workers or digital nomads). Precisely for this reason, all the properties belonging to the Salentoinfotour network have experienced a concrete increase in bookings thanks to the effectiveness of the operating method that guarantees excellence and productivity.

What kind of information can you offer me with the first free contact?
An initial free 15-minute telephone consultation with which we will ask you to tell us about your needs to advise you on the path to take. If you are thinking of starting an accommodation facility or you are already a manager and want to improve your performances, you can talk to us to find out what are the opportunities still to be exploited to get the most out of your property. We will analyze together your needs, the trends in the sector and your strengths, helping you to identify new success scenarios.

What are short-term rentals?
When we talk about short-term rentals, we are referring to a type of rental with a duration of less than 30 days. This type of rental is possible throughout Italy with different regulatory obligations between the regions. For this, SIT supports you both in terms of operational and bureaucratic and administrative management. By relying on us you can take advantage of this opportunity and make your properties income in a flexible, safe and more profitable way than traditional rentals.

If I entrust the property under management to you, how much can I earn in a year?
The earnings are variable based on market trends and locations. Taking as a reference a property located in the historic center of Lecce, for example, we tend to suggest to the owner a rental as short-term rentals whose earnings are greater than 10% compared to a traditional rental, but without the unexpected insolvency of traditional contracts. Even more, we could consider leasing the property on a transitional basis during the low season and then resume with short tourist rentals in the spring. This guarantees higher income than traditional rent.

How to do with taxes?
If you choose the short-term rental formula and you are a private individual, the flat rate coupon at 21% is applied in the tax return. SIT acts as a withholding agent and pays the coupon in your place. For further information on this issue, do not hesitate to contact us.

How much do your services cost?
Our proposals vary according to your needs. For the complete management of the property we require a fee of 25% of the total proceeds, but if you are unwilling to take risks, we can evaluate different models based on your needs. As for our consulting services, however, the price will be established following an initial interview, which is useful for concretely assessing your needs.

What contracts do guests stipulate?
It depends on the type of rental. For stays within 29 nights, a tourist rental agreement will be stipulated, which does not require registration with the Revenue Agency. For stays longer than 29 nights, with a maximum of 18 months, for study or work reasons, we will opt for a transitional contract.

Who cleans and maintains the property?
Through selected collaborators, we take care of the cleaning of the property and check its status at each change of guest. There is something wrong? It will be up to us to intervene immediately. Through our partner AXA Environmental Services we take care of the professional sanitation of the property.

Who makes the reports to the entities?
We take care of producing and communicating all the reporting practices of the property and of the guests. If you choose short-term rentals, we will obtain the CIS – Structure Identification Code -, register on the AlloggiatiWeb portal, collect and pay the tourist tax.

Can I use the property that I entrust to you under management in certain periods of the year?
Of course, you entrust us with a management mandate, instead of stipulating a traditional lease agreement, you can use your property during the year when you want, with prior notice.

Can the condominium be opposed to short-term rentals?
No, the owner of the property can use his apartment as he wants, obviously respecting the law.

What happens if guests break furniture and objects or damage the property?
Although Airbnb offers a guarantee that covers up to € 800,000 in damages, we always recommend taking out insurance that will protect you from any unforeseen events for bookings from other channels. Real estate must always be insured, at least for civil liability towards third parties. It means that our guests are covered in case they get hurt within the walls of the building. SalentoInfoTour has signed agreements with an insurance company that has developed a very extensive coverage for the managed properties, albeit at very low costs.

If I opt for the management mandate for short rentals, could there be unexpected expenses not included in the contract?
Any separate expenses, such as those reserved for cleaning products or ordinary maintenance, will be regulated in detail in the contract, so you will not have any nasty surprises. We will take care, through reliable partners, of ordinary maintenance helping you to reduce costs. While for damage caused by guests, as mentioned, there are low-cost insurance products and high levels of coverage.